1 Hour Stand Up Comedy Special at Drunkyard

Dil Se MC!

Koi hota hai dil se amir, aur koi hai dil se gareeb. Par Bhai humare toh hai DIL SE M.C(middle class).

Hosted by Random Tadka and Gleefie – Discover Live


Dil Se MC!

Come and enjoy high-intensity middle-class swag from none other than our serial offender Praful Kumar Kashyap.

With segments like The nation’s fake voice, Middle class miscellaneous, Single in the jungle and “Kya tera superstar chindi kalakaar”…he is bound to tickle your funny bones (With consent of course) 😛

Hosted by Hyderabad’s veteran Avinash Ghosh and Featuring Act by the ever so slick Alick Bailey!!