5 Interesting Facts About 98-Year-Old Government City College Hyderabad

Nizam Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII established a government school back in 1921 in Hyderabad, and it was later upgraded into a government college in 1929. Cut to now, and the college has been accredited as a university, including four other government colleges in Hyderabad.

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The main building of this college was built in the very first year of its establishment, 1921. The campus is spread in a sprawling area of 16 acres on the banks of the Musi river. The building in this college has been declared as a heritage building by the state government.

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The college building was designed by an architect named Vincent Esch, who was considered as one of the finest in the business back in the day. The total outlay is estimated to be 8,36, 919 Rs. The construction of the college took five years, 1915-20.

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The college building has a total of four entrances with six courts. This construction provides ample natural lighting and ventilation, speaking a lot about traditional architecture.

The college library has a vast collection of books, and a few of them are considered rare. Apart from this, the college has a Football field, Cricket ground, Seminar halls, NCC, auditorium, etc.

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Contributed By Sathvik Reddy