The Splendid Journey Of Fashion Blogger, Aria Krishnamurti

The Splendid Journey Of Fashion Blogger, Aria Krishnamurti

The fashion industry is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and demanding streams out there. One needs to be on top of their game if they are to achieve something big in this glittery world.

However, Aria, a young and aspiring fashion blogger enjoyed her journey in the fashion industry. She has been making swift progress and hopes to continue it in the future as well. Here is a brief look at her splendid experiences and memories in this field.

Aria developed a liking towards fashion right from a young age. She was 6 years old when she first realized her interests and passion has been inclining ever since then.


Aria has started a new website and posts every update of her’s on this portal. Well, things have started just now and she is aware of the fact that she has taken a long road.

Aria has worked with many national and international brands already. She says that these experiences have taught her a lot.

“I have been beyond lucky to get constant support from my family members. My mother used to click my pictures when I  started blogging and all my family members have been ever so supportive,” she says.

Aria 2

Aria enjoys very good support from her crew Style Me Aria and they support her all through this journey.

Aria is also a pre-primary teacher, stylist and make-up artist. She manages these workloads equally in order to fulfil her dream of making it big in the fashion world.

Aria says that Instagram stands like a pillar and a bridge between blogger and audience. She adds that social media plays a crucial role in getting things going in this field.

“Understand your niche and interests. Try and build some something sustainable and substantial,” she said when asked to give some advice to newcomers.


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