Chit Chat With One Of The Top Fashion Bloggers In Hyderabad

Chit-Chat-With-One-Of-The-Top-Fashion--Bloggers-In--Hyderabad FF

Fashion Blogging is a unique profession that demands a peculiar set of skills which can be developed with dedication and practice over the years. Here’s a small chit chat with one of the most happening bloggers in the city, Meenakshi.

When asked if she had interest towards fashion right from the beginning, she said that fashion has been something she has always looked up to, right from her childhood days. She recalls matching her outfit with appropriate earrings right from a young age.

Meenakshi says that her family and friends have been more than supportive in the process. Also, she thanked her co-bloggers for the never-ending support.

The renowned blogger admitted that she never thought blogging would be such a reliable source of income. She is really happy with how things are going, well who wouldn’t be on the top of the moon if they are following their passion and leading a more than comfortable life. After getting to know about the potential that blogging offers, Meenakshi waved goodbye to her marketing career.

Meenakshi aspires of attending the international fashion weeks, and she further added that she is currently working on her own brand label, which is still in progress.
Meenakshi claims that Instagram is the main source of posting content and a well-organized Insta feed can come a long way in building a solid career.

When asked if she has any advice for newcomers, Meenakshi said that young aspirants should try to stay as unique as possible. Many people are currently their luck in this field, and only unique content can give sustainability to the newcomers.


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Contributed By Sathvik Reddy