Golconda Fort


Made by Qutb Shahs in 16th century Golconda fort is an outstanding example of brilliant engineering and magical architecture. Lies on the Western edge of Hyderabad the fort is built on top of 120m-high granite hill surrounded by mighty a defensive wall of the Fort.

It was initially called Shepherd’s Hill, meaning Golla Konda in Telugu. It is one of the biggest tourist spots in Hyderabad where you can enjoy your whole day with attractive features of the Fort include water supply system as well as famous ‘Rahban’ cannon. Ramdas’ prison is one of the popular spots inside the fort and much more.With perimeters of around 11 kilometers, the fort has 15 to 18 foot high walls. It has huge gates that have pointed iron spikes on them to restrict the entry of elephants during a war.


Another feature that makes Golconda fort all the more attractive is the light and sound show presenting its history and facts. The sound and light show at Golconda Fort is done in three languages namely English, Hindi and Telugu with a voice over of Bollywood living legend Amitabh Bachchan.

If you are visiting Golconda Fort do keep in mind the Golconda Fort timings and entry fee. Also if you are there do not miss Sound and Light Show happens 6:30 PM

Golconda Fort Timings: 8 AM to 5:30 PM(every day)

Golconda Fort Entry Fee: 

15 rupees per person for Indians
200 rupees per person for Foreign Tourists
25 rupees for Still Camera
130 rupees for Sound & Light Show

Its also recommended visiting other 2 nearest sightseeing places from Golconda fort, which are Qutub Shahi Tombs and Taramati Baradari.


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