Here’s Why You Must Visit Drunken Monkey

Here's Why You Must Visit Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey is one of the most reputed milkshakes, smoothie, and ice cream outlets in Hyderabad. They have a wide variety of drinks, that are blended with numerous flavours, nuts, and fruits, giving you a wide array of a menu.

Drunken Monkey is one of those places where you can find the perfect balance between taste and health. They have a dedicated menu for fitness freaks, which range from low-carb drinks to specially blended protein shakes which can make up for perfect post-workout drinks.


Also, their simple fruit shakes are simply stunning as they try to keep it as natural as possible. There’s no extra sugar or unnecessary sweeteners, giving you a real fruit punch that is free from all the hazardous health flavours.


The interesting part is that Drunken Monkey manages to satisfy your taste buds despite the fact that they don’t use any artificial ingredients.

Dry fruit shakes, and simple fruits shake like watermelon and orange are pure Bliss here. The natural flavours are both tasty and healthy.



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Contributed By Sathvik Reddy