Lesser Known Facts And Details About Haleem

Lesser Known Facts And Details About Haleem

What is Haleem?

Haleem is a traditional dish exclusive to the Muslim religion. It is made from goat meat, lamb and chicken. The meat is mixed with lentils, spices and sometimes rice, and it is cooked on low heat for seven to eight hours. Then comes out a thick paste which has a great consistency. It is served with boiled egg, fried onions, pudina and cashews as toppings.

Haleem originated as an Arabic dish and was introduced to the Hyderabad state (India) by the Arab diaspora during the Nizam of Hyderabad’s rule.

Specialty of Ramzan

Ramadan is the time where spiritual reflection increases with devotion and worship.

Muslims will put more effort into following the teachings of Islam like fasting during the month from dawn to dusk to abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in sexual activity.

Fasting during the holy month includes charity also which they do in an extensive manner.

Haleem plays as a very important dish during this festival.

Let’s now look for the top 5 places where we can get the best quality Haleem in Hyderabad.

Price of haleem: Price of Haleem weighing 350gm will cost 100 rupees, while a family pack for 5 people (1,800gm)  will come for 450 rupees which is very reasonable for common people.

  1. Cafe Bahar (Basheerbagh)

It is known for its amazing yummy biryanis this season you can also relish some magical haleem here. Decent ambiance and prices keep the crowd coming.

Cafe Bahar (Basheerbagh)

  1. Sarvi Take Away (Banjara Hills)

It is undoubtedly one of the best places to have Haleem. A well cooked special haleem is the main dish here. It comes with toppings of egg, cashews & fried onions.

Sarvi Take Away (Banjara Hills)

3. Pista House (Charminar)

It has been a favorite & famous Haleem Joint in Hyderabad for many years. The taste & quality has improved than last year, and you can give a try.

Pista House (Charminar)

  1. 555 Masab (Tank)

It is another not-so-famous joint serving delicious Haleem for years. Though it does not have a great ambiance, the tasty dish garnished with ghee, cashew and onions, does have its share of fans.

555 Masab (Tank)

 5. Shah Ghouse (Tolichowki)

The people of Hyderabad now have a new favorite! Staff Pleasing hearts with the perfect taste for over 3 years, everybody’s favorite & the winner is Shah Ghouse.

 Shah Ghouse (Tolichowki)


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Contributed By Sathvik Reddy