Shruti Srivatsava – A Fashion Blogger Driven by Passion and Enthusiasm

Shruti Srivastava Sachan

Shruti Srivatsava is one of the happening fashion bloggers in Hyderabad. Her unconditional love towards the field of fashion has been her driving force ever since the beginning.

She opted to fuel her passion for blogging even after doing very well in academics. She always enjoyed analyzing fashion trends across the country and that gave her a detailed understanding of fashion, as a whole.

Shruti says that blogging on Instagram is a rewarding experience and delivers efficient results. She quit her full-time job in Mumbai last year to pursue fashion blogging.

Shruti opines that blogging in Hyderabad is a lucrative career and says that she is at the right place at the right time.

Shruti Srivatsava

Shruti recalls Kalasha jewellery event as one of her favourite experiences till date. She met her favourite actress Regina Cassandra at this event.

Her parents have always supported her which came a really long way in giving her self belief.

Shruti made it a habit to interact with genuine followers of hers on social media. She even helps out her followers if they have any queries and feels that this cannot be expected from a noted celebrity.

“If not blogging, I would definitely be doing something in the field of beauty and passion,” she says.

Shruti wishes to do skincare videos and make them available for her followers on digital platforms. This is her short term goal. She holds a diploma in skincare and that pretty much speaks for itself. She is trying to get active on YouTube as well.

Shruti Srivastava Sachan

Starting a new business is Shruti’s long term goal. She feels that her enthusiasm and determination will help her in the process.

She went on to say that Instagram will single-handedly be the future of social media, thanks to its wide reach.

“The best part about blogging is that you get to be your own boss” she adds. Also, connecting with so many people is another added advantage of this field. The amount of love one gets in this field is overwhelming, she says.

On the other hand, a public figure is subject to online trolls on social media. We need more compassion for social media. People should be more forgiving, she says when asked about the negatives in her field.

She urges the newcomers to be authentic and hard-working.


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