Slang Words You Need to Learn Before Coming to Hyderabad


Hyderabad is one of the most vibrant cities in India. Every year people from around country visit Hyderabad either for traveling or job purposes. This city is not only famous for stunning architectural masterpieces, heritage sites, and glorious history but also has its unique slang and vocabulary. Which is difficult to understand for the people coming from other parts of the country.

That’s why we are here to help you learn the Hyderabadi slang words and phrases so that you don’t feel left out, next time you visit Hyderabad.

“kaan bhairi”

If you accidentally piss somebody off in Hyderabad, you will get to listen to this phrase. It means a slap on the year ear.

Common Usage: ek kaanbhairi detaon, din mein taare dikhte phir!


If you are in Hyderabad you get to listen to this word invariably in every 15 minutes. Its literal meaning is small pieces of cloth but used in scenarios like when someone looking or did something great.

Common Usagechindiyan dikhre ustad tum,  chindiyan kardere tum to,  maar ke chindiyan kardiya usku.


No, we are not referring to the vegetable “brinjal”. We Hyderabadi’s use “Baigan” to express displeasure, uncertainty, and irritation.

Common Usage: Baigan ki baatein nako karo mera saamne, Baigan me mila diye, baigan ku bolo… apan nahin kartay wo kaama! 

“Lite lo yaaron!”

This is one of the most used slang phrases in Hyderabad, which means “take it easy

Common Usage: Tension kaiko, Lite lo yaaro, arrey kaiko itna soch re, lite lo yaaron.

“Kya hai ki”

This one is my personal favorite and I use it a lot “Kya Karte ki kya hai ki” which means Don’t know. 

Common Usage: Malum nahi rey, kya karte ki kya hai ki.

Khali Peeli

Khali Peeli means “simply” like Khali peeli dimakh kharab mat karo!

“Hona bolke”

This is another famous Hyderabadi slang which means “On purpose”.

Common Usage: Hona Bolke kiye na tum, Hau Hona Bolke kiya mai. 

“Potti and Potta”

Don,t worry if we are not talking about shit. In Hyderabad, we use POTTI for “girls” and POTTA for “boys”


Kirraakk means something really good. The reason I used everything two times in Kirraakk because you have to say it with some gravitas to make it effective.

Common Usage: Kirraakk dikha ra aaj to, kya kirraakk potti hai re bhai