The Passionate Journey Of Sneha Polapragada, An Aspiring Fashion Blogger

The Passionate Journey Of Sneha Polapragada, An Aspiring Fashion Blogger

Sneha Polapragada is an aspiring fashion blogger who is making swift progress in the glittery field. Her immense passion and love towards fashion blogging are presently fueling her career and she couldn’t have asked for more. Here’s a glimpse of her journey thus far.

Sneha says that she has been passionate about fashion right from her toddler-hood. She later realized that she is inclined towards writing and that is how it all started in the first place.

Sneha thanks Mr Anil Ramesh for recognizing the writing talent in her and training her in blogging. “I started blogging as a hobby and never thought I would make it this big,” she says.

Sneha Polapragada

Meeting Telangana IT minister KTR at Danube launch and Nagarjuna at Kalyan Jewellers launch are said to be Sneha’s best experiences till date.

Sneha further added that her family has been by her side right from the early days and their constant support keeps her going.

Sneha takes opinions and comments in a positive stride as she feels no one is perfect in their respective field and there is always something new to learn.

Sneha is also a qualified engineer and MBA graduate. She would have settled down with a job at an MNC if it wasn’t for blogging.

“Instagram has been a major platform to share my articles and related pictures. I got many offers and collaborations from the social media platform,” she added.

Sneha Polapragada

When asked about the best aspect of her profession, Sneha said that a famous profile gets more engagement from the followers and the global audience can come in handy for any upcoming blogger.

However, the worst thing is that it takes a really long time to get recognized, she says.

“Just be yourselves and don’t try to imitate others,” she says to aspirants in the field.

Sneha concludes, saying she wishes to take master classes and train juniors in this field. She wishes to help young aspirants by guiding them with her hard-earned expertise.


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