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Navyasri Mandava was just like any other young CA aspirant until her mother encouraged her to do something meaningful in her spare time.

This was when the idea of using scrap and unused items to create beautiful and wearable jewelry came into play.

She managed to prepare new designs with relatively unused items like cloth material, tyre tube, etc.

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These designs were immensely loved by her sister, who happened to be a fashion designer and Navyasri was later encouraged to take up a jewelry designing course. Also, she got assistance from an online tutor who resides in Canada, and that eventually helped her a lot.

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Things weren’t that great in the initial stages, but the results started to show after two months. This inspired Navyasri to aim at something big.

This was exactly when Srushti creations was born, and there has been no looking back ever since then.

An online store was set-up, and an Instagram page was created to market this merchandise which was made out of bio-friendly products and reused plastic items.

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Do check out Navyasri Mandava’s Srushti creations on Instagram to get more insights on her ideas and products.

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