Unekha – The Talent Community

Unekha - The Talent Community

Unekha is a talent promotional community started on October 16, 2016, in Hyderabad, India. This is a platform to showcase all the talents online as well as offline without any bias on Religion, Region, Gender, Or Talent.


The idea of Unekha has started when the TV shows like Singing, Dancing are given more importance than Artist, Musician, Photography, Writing and followed by other talents in the TV medium. And we have thought about the talented people who get eliminated at the audition level or else at the first few rounds of the show. If the person who didn’t perform well on that particular day, it doesn’t mean he is not talented.

Then we thought to start a talent promotional platform which promotes the real talented people who are looking for the right platform to showcase their talent. Then we started the website first to promote talents online. With many changes to the website and after facing many struggles to reach people. At present, Unekha is reaching to a wider audience with the introduction of innovative ideas and association with
the other organizations.

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Unekha started with an Online Promotional website, promoting talents by creating their talent profile on the website and promoting it on social networking pages.

Apart from Profiles, we are also providing Blog Space for enthusiastic writers, Bookshelf for promoting budding authors. We will update details about the events that we conducted or being part of them.

Unekha - The Talent Community


We conduct offline talent promotions through Art workshops, Art Exhibitions, Open-mics and other events followed by. We have also published an anthology “VIBGYOR- Shades of life” a collection of 40+ writers anthology based on the different shades of life.
We are also associated with events and being a promotional partner for them helping them in conducting the events successfully.

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Stay connected with Unekha and be a part of the biggest talent community.

About The Founder

Prashanth Jogiralla is a B.Tech Computer Science Engineer from Malla Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad, India. Unekha is his brainchild. For various artists to showcase their talents, he engineered this Platform. The wind of passion made his boat sail towards his goal and the Left shore of Amazon where he used to work. He is a generous Telugu a rapper, a lyricist and story writer who did learn computer language but today he has coded a platform where various artist are featured and collaborate using artistically language of words, music, dance, and colors.

Unekha - The Talent Community

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